Starlit Engineering Services provides one-stop solutions to consolidate all your MRO sourcing to reduce your overall maintenance cost. These include motors, pumps, valves, sensors, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical/electronics, bearings, toolings, cleaning chemicals and more.


  • Service and Repair of PLC, Servo Drive and Motor
  • Fabrication of Heater Element and Thermocouple
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Jig & Fixture
  • Precision Machining



DESTACO is a vibrant company with a history of providing manufacturing productivity solutions to customers worldwide. A pioneering manufacturer of innovative material handling tools for any application, DESTACO focuses steadfastly on customers' needs, consistently offering industry-leading products for streamlining manufacturing processes. As a result, DESTACO is now the worldwide leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and support of clamps, grippers, indexers, slides, conveyors, robotic tooling and remote handling products for workplace and automation needs.

FRIESS GmbH offers oil skimmer in order to remove floating oil from water, coolant, washing water, cooling water, rain water or waste water. 

In 1998 Friess produced the first oil skimmer made of stainless steel with oil collector tube. Since 2000 all oil skimmer produced by Friess are made of stainless steel. In the beginning Friess offered two different type of oil skimmer. In the meantime you can choose between eight different standard models and many options in order to customize your oil skimming system. 

Friess oil skimmer are used for many different application, for example

  • Oil skimmer in order to separate lubrication oil from cooling water in steel industry
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate vegetable oil, used as lubrication oil, from cooling water in the aluminum industry
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate hydraulic oil from washing water in the surface treatment industry
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate cutting oil from washing water in the automotive industry
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate hydraulic oil from coolant in the metal working industry
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate milk fat in the food industry
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate animal fat in slaughterhouse
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate vegetable oil in the food industry
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate crude oil from rain water in refinery
  • Oil skimmer in order to separate lubrication oil from cooling water in power station

In addition to the oil skimmer, Friess offers solutions for cleaning of process fluids such as electrostatic oil cleaning, vacuum oil dewatering and magnetic filtration.


MAZURCZAK concentrate on the needs of our customers in heating, cooling and controlling of liquids has been an essential element of our company’s philosophy since it was established in 1935 by Wilhelm Mazurczak.

Mazurczak has continuously enlarged our range of products and today we can offer you the best possible heating and cooling systems, reliable controlling devices, as well as temperature sensors and level probes. Most important for us is the continual improvement of production processes which means efficient development and manufacturing of our products.


SCHMALZ is one of the worldwide leaders in technology for automation, handling and clamping and offers innovative and efficient vacuum solutions. SCHMALZ products are deployed in widely ranging production processes. 

When it comes to automated production processes, SCHMALZ offers a wide range of individual vacuum components. Vacuum gripper systems, produced as complete, ready-to-connect modular systems, provide for maximum flexibility when used in robotic applications. Vacuum handling systems that are operated manually simplify production processes through easy and efficient handling of workpieces. Vacuum clamping systems offer short set-up times, making the all-round machining of workpieces possible in CNC machining centers as well as in manual machining processes. To complete the offer, SCHMALZ also provides a range of attractive services, such as designing entire systems.


SMC has the widest range of products, engineered to meet applications in every sector of the market. From Semiconductor to Automotive, Medical to Petroleum, SMC's products are designed to fit your unique requirements. 


YAMAMOTO-MS is founded in 1950 and is a well-known supplier of plating laboratory test equipment, including Hull cell test setups, wafer plating setups, solar cell plating setups and several other test setups. In addition, Yamamoto-MS also develops and builds high quality test setups on customer request. Yamamoto-MS also produce mini and micro setups for barrel plating and electroless plating, both for testing and production.


WILKURO Steel Toes Overshoes provides excellent temporary toe protection at an affordable price. This product, proudly made ​​in Canada, is an excellent alternative to steel toe shoes for all workers who are maneuvering in places where toe protection is essential.

No matter where, no matter when, where there is a potential danger to your toes, Wilkuro Steel Toes Overshoes is for you.